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The malar rash, or butterfly rash, is a red flat facial rash involving the malar region bilaterally and the bridge of the nose. The presence of a butterfly rash is generally a sign of lupus erythematosus LE, but it can also include a plethora of conditions. Source. What individuals should know about a malar rash, though, is it’s caused by many things. Patients could have it because they have a sunburn, but it could also be caused by something more serious such as lupus. In most cases, a malar rash occurs because of a skin condition called rosacea. The good news is a malar rash can be treated. Learn how now. A malar rash is also known as a butterfly rash and appears on the face. It is usually red or purple and may be blotchy or solid. It can occur alongside many conditions, including lupus and rosacea. Lupus is a disease that causes many types of different symptoms. One of the most common symptoms that appears in lupus patients are rashes on the body and face. The malar rash occurs with 45-65% of lupus patients. The facial rash received it's name from Latin origins, the word "mala" means "jaw" or "cheek bone," the main area affected by the rash.

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Malar butterfly Rash, Face Description: This young girl shows the characteristic malar rash seen in lupus. The rash tends to spare the eyelids and nasolabial folds. As a lupus sufferer, you probably can relate to facial redness and the malar rash. The malar rash is a butterfly shaped rash that appears on many people with lupus, especially during a lupus flare. A lot of people use make up products to try and disguise the rash. Many of these people will discover that many of these makeup products do not cover up much of any lupus redness. Malar Rash and Polyarthritis JAMA Clinical Challenge Case 58-year-old woman with a history of hypothyroidism presents with a 2-week history of joint pain and swelling in her right knee, which became migratory and later affected the metacarpophalangeal MCP and proximal interphalangeal PIP joints of her fingers; this followed a series of others being sick in the household. I have a red face that reacts to the sun arrives iwth Lupus symptoms. but I do not have the full malar rash that some do. I never had the bumps of rosacea either. Today is a good day, and the rash is minimal today, but I have stayed out of the sun for most of the day. On the first of the month when I have to be outside in the sun alot. 27.04.2016 · In medicine, malar rash, also called butterfly rash, is a medical sign consisting of a characteristic form of facial rash. It is often seen in lupus erythematosus but is not pathognomonic.

10.03.2016 · As Deb suggests, if the rash responds to Prednisone, along with other symptoms, that could suggest that it is indeed a lupus rash. However, in the unlikely event that the abnormal skin is the only lupus symptom, this 'malar rash' would not in itself lead to an SLE lupus diagnosis. Do you ever experience the butterfly rash malar rash: Yes/No/I do not have lupus; In free-text responses in the Facebook comments Any comments that could not be coded were removed from the sample; Poll results. There were 969 total responses. 53.4% of people with lupus experienced the butterfly rash at some point in their battle. Ten people did not have lupus and were removed from the calculation.

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